Dear guests!
It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics which is a regional subdivision of State University of Trade and Economics - one of the most powerful educational institutions of Ukraine.
Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics of State University of Trade and Economics holds a leading position in the field of economic education of Podillia and is the only educational institution in Vinnytsia region that has Quality Management System Certificate in higher education ISO 9001. Today, the Institute is the recognized scientific and educational center of Podillia region, which trains highly qualified specialists in 13 specialities and 25 specializations and, thanks to its educational and scientific achievements, adds successfully to the positive image of Vinnytsia region.
The teaching staff, more than 80% of which is doctors and candidates of sciences, preserves the unique scientific potential and long traditions and provides youth with high quality education over the course of decades.
The basis of the modern concept of VITE SUTE includes training competitive highly qualified professionals, the implementation of existing and development of new information and communication technologies for educational and scientific work, constant upgrading of scientific and research activities and further integration into the European educational, scientific and information space. 9 scientific schools in the fields of social and behavioral sciences, management and administration, humanities, services, manufacturing and technology, information technology are formed in our Institute. Three main points which constitute the foundation of VITE SUTE activities are professionalism, decency and transparency.
The dream of getting knowledge in a leading economic university, where there is inspiration to study and fun from learning process, comes true!

Best regards,
Director of the Institute,
Honoured Worker in Education of Ukraine
Ph.D., associate professor
Nataliia Zamkova